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    GQ October 2012 Cover Story: Rocket Man


    Jeremy’s VERY FIRST COMMERCIAL!!!!!! Ahhhhh So exciting!!!!! Jeremy Lin ~ Shanghai Talent Show 8/20 (by Simon Siu)(@3)


    POW~! Take that 83%. XD  

    If you didn’t get the joke, Joseph, the baby Lin, didn’t believe that the shooting percentage of Jeremy’s 3-pointer practice shots was 76%. Then, he talked trash that if it were him, he would’ve got to 83%. This is why Jeremy dunked on his little brother at the end of the video to teach him a lesson!


    Youtube comment: Jeremy Lin: the first Asian to fail at DDR.

    Well, that’s what he does. Breaking down and defying stereotypes, one step at a time. Lol.

    Jeremy Lin back on youtube - The Offseason


    Behind the scenes of Jeremy’s arrival back to Houston. MUST-WATCH. Our boy’s personality and humor really show through in this video!


    Time to move on and look ahead. Jeremy Lin’s Off-Season workout gearing towards the new season.

    You may go into a game and you may definitely think “We got this game” but in the NBA there’s so many upsets and so many good players that if you take anybody lightly,  they’re there for a reason, they’ll expose you. 

    You know whether it’s driving or playing defence, being able to stand your ground, I wanna be more athletic, I wanna be quicker laterally, you know, I want to jump higher.

    Mentally, I need to know that everything I do has to be a reason. It has to be geared towards me as a player.  

    Coming here, working out here has made me a lot more educated of my own body, feeling and understanding how my muscles work, building up towards peaking at the start of the season.

    I try to control my effort level, my work ethic.

    At the end of the day, i could look back and could objectively evaluate whether I gave my best effort or not an that’s really all that i’m worried about. (X)


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    “All I’m trying to do right now is to help this team and we want to win. We’re not focused on how many articles are going to be written about us or how big the spotlight is. We want to win, we want to play well, we want to play together, and we want to have fun doing it. Regardless of how many people watch us or write about us, we’re going to do our best to make sure that happen.”
    -Jeremy Lin (at the Rockets Post-Conference Interview).

    I love the New York fans to death. That’s the biggest reason why I wanted to return to New York. The way they embraced me, the way they supported us this past season, was better than anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’ll go to my grave saying that. What New York did for me was unbelievable. I wanted to play in front of those fans for the rest of my career.” - Jeremy Lin from Sports Illustrated

    Jeremy Lin That I Used To Know song parody, haha it’s pretty good

    Now and then I think of when we played together
    Like when you shot a jumper right in Kobe’s eye
    Bought a ticket back to MSG
    Activated my cable TV
    But that was back before you tore your left meniscus

    Why’d you have to sign so high
    Said the Knicks would match it like you never even met James Dolan
    I wish that he would pay you bro
    Playing for the Rockets and they’re still gonna suck
    You should have played with Carmelo
    Could’ve won a title and then maybe we’d retire your number
    I guess that you just need that dough
    And now you’re just Jeremy that I used to know

    When I think of all the players who screwed us over
    Part of me believing it was always something that we’d done
    Haven’t seen the finals since Sprewell played
    Could have had a ticker tape parade
    Now you’re an Asian in cowboy clothes
    And we won’t be crying for Jeremy that we used to know